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Election analysis in India is almost a veritable nightmare if all the diversities of this vast nation are to be accounted for. Yet, analyzing an election is essentially a front-end job which depends on large amounts of data at the back-end. The integrity of the back-end data has immense bearing on the eventual election analysis of all kinds. There are essentially two types of electoral data – 1) Official data of the previous elections provided by the Election Commission and 2) Poll survey data collected by various independent organizations.

There is absolutely no problem with the first kind of data as its integrity is unquestionable, but there is a limitation to the level of that data as EC doesn’t provide us details beyond assembly segments, so we are blind in terms of polling booth level data which would have imparted great knowledge in terms of caste and class based voting patterns. It is the second type of data that creates all havoc in any election analysis as the integrity and methodology of the same is questionable more often than not.

Mostly 5Forty3 has been depending on third party and intermediary sources for the second kind of data, which has only met with limited success. Now we have developed tremendous expertise in conducting poll surveys after our OSOP experience in the three states of Karnataka, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh. We have developed some path breaking tools like VWISM and RSSI (read in Methodology subsection) to create near 100% accurate polls. Now it is time to conduct our own poll surveys and not be dependent on questionable third party data sources, going into the 2014 elections. We would like to take up individual states and conduct polls there – for instance, next on our radar are the three big and hugely important states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Most of our poll surveys are very low-cost affairs with limited overhead expenses (with as little as 65 to 90 Rs/respondent). Thus we can conduct a reasonable state poll survey with limited funds of anywhere between 2 to 4 Lakh INR. We are also currently working on some killer processes in the field of opinion and exit polling which will totally redefine the way we understand elections in India. As the historic 2014 elections are poised to alter the course of India as a nation, we promise to deliver unprecedented election analysis and perspective over the next 3 months.

All of this of course requires large funding and with zero institutional support, 5Forty3 is in danger of collapsing without adequate data. As we head into the election arena, most of us would be data-blind due to a proposed blanket ban on polling activities, so 5Forty3 would be trying to plug that gap. Please do support us in our impossible endeavor to redefine 2014 by becoming a 5Fort3 Angel Investor, open your hearts and donate generously while being rest assured that each penny you donate would be utilized effectively to take our passion forward.

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15 thoughts on “Angel Support

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  2. Glad to support this brilliant initiative.. But when I click on the donation link, it is asking for my twitter handle.. and I dont have one! Can I send a at-par cheque? if yes, in whose name should the chq be drawn?

  3. Sir, will be more than happy to contribute to this wonderful initiative. I am a huge fan of the way you do your analysis.

  4. Can I deposit cash in ur a/c instead of online payment…?

  5. Hi, I am from Brazil and I produce a website about elections in the world, called I discovered this website (5forty3) researching about the 2014 India elections. I would like to suggest that 5forty3 website use the financing system that I am trying to implement in the website. In this system, instead a donation of any value at any time, the financial contribution of the user is a monthly contribution of a very low and unique value. By “very low” I mean like the price of a bus ticket or a glass of juice in a bar (for instance, if the website were from the United States, this value would be US$ 2 or less). In my website, the website, I explain some advantages of this system, but I can say some of them here. 1) The content remains open to everybody with Internet access. 2) It’s minimized the problem that who gives money has access to the same content that who doesn’t give money, because this “inequality” is less influent with a very low value. 3) The financial collaboration is stimulated, because with a very low and unique value, every contributor knows that his or her contribution is the most important one, because no other contribution has a greater financial value. 4) This system expands the base of potential financial contributors, and makes the website more independent no just from a person or entity, but also more independent from a specific social class. Congratulations for your work. Bye!

  6. Dr.Patil, did you receive my small donation

  7. Want to send you my small contribution by cheque.Where & How? Best wishes.

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  9. Is it Mandatory to create a PayUMoney account ?

  10. The order page does not specify currency before updating the order. I entered 5000 thinking it is INR, but once updated the order realized it is USD and there is no way to edit it. People might accidentally end up paying more than what they intended. Please fix this ASAP. And also look at the suggestion from Nicolas Chernavsky above, it make good sense

    • You must have used the international donations page which only uses Dollar as the currency. Indian (domestic) donation page only accepts INR, so there is no problem of making any wrongful payments in other currencies.

      We are working on different business models, which we will be updating by next week.

  11. I have made a donation. All the best

  12. I would like to contribute to this noble initiative early next month onwards.

    Also I would like to contribute in your efforts as a volunteer in collecting data, its analysis etc.. Iam an IT professional with 10yrs of experience in Data warehousing, Analytics etc… So if you are looking for human resources, Iam there.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Sundar SK

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